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Lasko reputation and history

The logo of Lasko

Lasko was founded in 1905 as a small family Philadelphia shop by Henry Lasko. As the American population grew, they looked to capitalize on a large number of people that were moving to the suburbs in the mid 20th century.

They started producing a wide range of home comfort and convenience products that included humidifiers, heaters, fans, and air purifiers.ย 


Lasko Products Inc., along with its sister company, Air King America, are owned by Lasko Holdings as the parent company.ย Itย is currently one of the largest home appliance companies and it operates several manufacturing plants across the US and internationally.


Lasko has headquarters in West Chester, Pennsylvania, though it operates other major manufacturing plants in Tennessee and Texas. It has about 1000, employees working in plants in the US alone. 800 of these are based outside of West Chester. The company also wares in Noth America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.ย 


Lasko distributes its products through retail and online stores. These include Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Grainger, among others.ย Lasko has a long history of accomplishment in the consumer durables market, providing housewares and hardware products since more than a century ago.

Lasko products

Lasko Air Purifiers

In the current worldย wherebyย it is almost impossible to get clean air especially in our cities, it leaves many of us with no choice but to look for alternative solutions. Lasko air purifiers are made to get rid of smoke, odors,ย and germs from households.


They also capture pet dander, dust, and other large particles.ย Lasko Pure Platinum HEPA Air Purifier with Remote, Model HF25630 has a 3-stage filtration system (Carbon, HEPA-Type, and TiO2) to ensure particles as small as 3 microns do not pass through the filter.


The air is also passed through a beam of UV-light to ensure germs and viruses present in the air is gotten rid of completely.

Lasko Humidifiers

Lasko has invested heavily in the air humidification sector. From small and cheap version to large complex humidifiers that are able to handle large areas for a long time.


The model 1000 is a large area (up toย about 38000ย sq. ft) humidifier that, maintain highย efficiencyย through self-cleaning its filters. This humidifier has an output of 12 gallons per 24 hours. It alsoย comesย with an automatic and adjustable humidistat and a 3-speed setting.

Lasko Fans

If you are looking for air circulators and fans. Lasko has you covered with their wide variety ranging from bladeless to wall-mounts.ย Lasko 2017 12″ Table Fan, for example,ย is a small fan made for easy portability.

The fan is able to withstand long hours of operation per day for a longer time. Another fan worthy of mention is definitely theย Lasko 1850 18-Inch Remote Pedestal Fan. This is not only due to its simplicity and multifunctionality, but also the numerous positive reviews it has managed to garner online. It has aย remote controlย with an on-off timer and a 3-speed setting to enable you to control the energy and noise levels of the machine.

Lasko reviews

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