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Invisipure is household appliances manufacturer that based in Granada Hills, Las Vegas, that specializes in humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and aroma diffusers. They also sell replacement parts and accessories such as essential oils. 


Lack of enough humidity or excess of it can cause problems in your house and in your health. Their products are meant to ensure that the recommended humidity of around 45% is maintained to give you a conducive environment and help your furniture and musical instruments such as guitars last longer. 


A well-maintained humidity level also ensures that dust mites, molds, viruses, and other disease-causing organisms do not thrive. Low humidity has been known to be the cause of the seasonal flu and colds that we tend to experience during the winter or the seasonal rise in allergen attacks.


This is because dry air causes inflammations and micro-cracks in our nasal passages and this gives viruses and easy job to attack us and lead to contracting colds. 

All Invisipure products are tested to provide the highest quality in their class. They are rigorously tested before being released to the public to ensure they comply with their own stringent standards. They also provide top-of-class customer support to ensure they are satisfied.

InvisiPure products

InvisiPure Dehumidifiers

Invisipure manufactures only one version of dehumidifier, and that is the Hydrowave dehumidifier.


It is very affordable as it falls under the $100 level. The dehumidifier is small compact and portable which makes it suitable to use it while on vacation or while traveling. It removes moisture from the air at a rate of 800 ml per 24 hours for areas under 300 sq. Ft. 


This will ensure you get rid of mold, mildew, and bacteria from the excess moisture.


If you need to get the moisture collected out continuously instead of having to empty the tank yourself, the humidifier is hose-pipe-ready to ensure continuous drainage. The hose-pipe is however not included so you will have to buy it separately. 


If you don’t want continuous drainage, the dehumidifier is fitted with a full-tank indicator that emits red lights when the dehumidifier needs to be emptied. The dehumidifier comes with a one year warranty and lifetime support.

InvisiPure Humidifiers

Invisipure humidifiers are designed to ensure the humidity in the house does not fall below the recommended value by constantly producing a cool mist and replace it with the dry air to make it moisturized.


All of their humidifiers are tested for safety, use only BPA free materials, feature a 1-year warranty, and lifetime customer support. 


Some of their best-selling humidifiers include the Wave Cool Mist humidifier and the Ultrasonic Sky Cool Mist Humidifier. Both of these are very affordable as they are all under $50.


The Wave Cool Mist model is a small space humidifier of up to 270 sq. Ft with a moisture output rate of 200ml of water per 24 hours. This is the ideal rate for a nursery and for pets. It also works well in small rooms and basements.

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