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The logo of Homegear

Homegear is a small company that manufactures all kinds of appliances, furniture, and electronics. Their products are loved for their stylish and appealing looks while at the same times being functional.

The appliances are unobtrusive and pack powerful punches, and the best part is most of these a very much affordable for most users. All appliances are covered by the company’s return policy and their warranties are quite reasonable.

Homegear products

Homegear Space Heaters

Homegear manufactures a number of heaters with the most popular ones including the Homegear 1500W Infrared Electric portable space heater and the 1500W Infrared Electric portable wooden space heater. Though the may look and feel similar, they are actually different in a few factors.
First, the wooden heater is fitted with caster wheels at the bottom to ease movement, a feature that is lacking in its sibling. And while it may not look like a big deal to many users. The ease and convenience that comes with caster wheels can make or break the deal for most buyers.

Both heaters are ETL certified and come with an Eco-mode power option to help you save power. They also come with a led display and remote control for easy monitoring and control.

Homegear reviews

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Homegear – Infrared Electric Portable: Space Heater