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Heat Storm is a brand name for a line of products that include heaters and air conditioners. These products are manufactured in Cache County, Utah in the United States under the parent company known as EnergyWise Solution to target a specific type of users.

The company was founded in 2008. In fact, the company’s initial purpose was to be a distributor for established companies in the home heating industry. It then saw an opportunity to bring a better experience to consumers by making their own product.

In 2012, Heat Storm line of products was launched into the market and this led to the acquisition of top talents and filling of patents like their proprietary Heat Management which positioned them in a prime spot to take on the established giants in the market.

Heat Storm products are very popular and have produced best-sellers on the majority of e-commerce online stores like the Amazon and others. Some of the appliances produced by Heat Storm include the Heat Storm Phoenix Floor to Wall UnitΒ and the North Storm 10,000 Btu 4-in-1 AC unitΒ that quadruples as a Heater, Air Conditioner, Fan and Dehumidifier.

Heat Storm products

Heat Storm Air Conditioners

While their air conditioners come under a different brand name, North Storm, they are still worth a highlight here. This is because they use a different system to cool the air. A refrigerant system that is Freon-based is used other than the conventional refrigerant systems.

This enables the manufacturers to make portable and convenience units that have much better stylish and sleek designs. They are able to save as much as 70% of energy as compared to their traditional counterparts as they use much less electricity.

One such model is the North Storm NS-30L Cooler among others.

Heat Storm Space Heaters

Through extensive research and dozens of patents, Heat Storm was able to produce the world’s first 1000W space heater that had an output of over 3100BTUs meaning users could heat an area of over 500 sq.ft. All this with the ability to touch the body of the heater without getting burned seemed too good to be true.

Heat Storm produces all types of heaters ranging from portable quartz heaters to infrared wall mounts and their combos.

Its HS-1500-ISM Infrared Cabinet Heater, for example, is 1500W space heater with patented HMS technology that enables a heat exchanger fitted in the appliance to provide soft and safe heat energy without depleting the humidity in the room. Its thermostat comes with a bright display and remote control to help you regulate the temperature with ease.

Other heaters from this manufacturer worth a mention include the Tradesman Outdoor Infrared Heater and the Phoenix Floor to Wall Unit that is ideal to those who don’t have much space.

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