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Global Air Inc. is a global producer of air conditioning products for the automotive industry. Based in Miami Gardens, Florida USA, the firm prides itself in the development, engineering, and manufacture of products of high quality. The company has also built a reputation for delivery and customer service, which is commonly considered as world-class.


Global Air focuses on the production and sale of a range of products which are divided into five business units. These units produce a wide range of products including evaporators and condensers, filtration systems for manufacturing driers, sealing systems for gaskets and compressor seals, fluid connectors for fittings, and thermal systems for expansion valves.


The company is driven by a desire to expand globally, a goal that they intend to achieve through acquisitions and investments into new markets. This will be made possible through offering quality products and flawless services that will ensure satisfaction to their customers across the globe.

Global Air products

Global Air Air Conditioners

Global Air offers a wide selection of cooling fans that are designed for small to large spaces.

These include CF-1209-080, CF-1210-080, CF-1210-090, CF-1212-080, CF-1214-080, CF-1214-090, CF-1214-120, CF-1214-160, CF-1216-150, CF-1216-180, CF-2412-090, CF-2414-090, CF-2414-120, CF-2414-160, and CF-2416-180.


These models have various features, and they have different performance capacities. One of the features that vary from one model to another is the diameter of the fan blades. The diameter of the blade can be 9, 10, 12, 14 or 16.


The power ratings of the air conditioners vary mainly depending on the capacity of the cooling fan. Most of them have a power rating of 90, 120, 150, 160 or 180 watts. If you are looking for a cooling fan for your room, then it is important to consider these features.


The cooling solutions offered by global air are specially designed for automotive applications. To ensure optimum performance, it is necessary to select a product that offers the capacity demanded by your application. These products are available in small, medium, and large sizes, and this enables customers to get a product that is suitable for their cooling needs. Apart from size and cooling capacity, it is also important to consider the durability of a cooling product. Some of Global Air’s cooling solutions are more durable than others.


If you are looking for a suitable cooling solution for your automobile, then you should consider the products offered by Global Air. Global Air solutions are among the top performing products in the automotive industry.

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