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For more than one decade, Eva-Dry has been producing high quality humidity control systems.Β Its solutions are designed and manufactured to deliver exceptional performance. Eva-Dry’s humidity control systems are unmatched and they absorb a lot of moisture from the air within a short time.

Eva-Dry’s dehumidifiers come in a variety of capacities to suit the diverse dehumidifying needs of its customers. Its solutions are suitable for bedrooms, basements, kitchens, recreational vehicles, water craft cabins et cetera.Β Eva-Dry is committed to producing durable and high quality products.

Over the past decade, Eva-Dry’s dehumidifiers have evolved to the high performance solutions that the company is producing today. <b>Its humidity control solutions blend high performance, quality, and affordabilityΒ (much like Einhell does for garden tools).

Eva-Dry products

Eva-Dry Dehumidifiers

Although Eva-Dry offers a wide selection of humidity control solutions, the E500 and EDV 2200 dehumidifiers are undeniably its best-selling products. To start with, the E500 is a compact humidity control solution. This lightweight unit is energy efficient and continues to pull water even when there is a power outage.Β Due to its low capacity, the E500 is unsuitable for large spaces. The manufacturer recommends this quiet unit for spaces that are up to 500 square feet.

Unlike most dehumidifiers in the market today, this dehumidifier does not use a compressor to pull moisture from the air. Instead, it employs silica gel technology to dehumidify the space in which it is installed.Β The low power requirement of this technology allows the device to run even when it is not connected to a source of power. This makes it a suitable option for use in areas that are prone to power outages. On the flip side, this technology pulls moisture from the air at a lower rate as compared to compressor-based units.

The Eva-Dry Edv-2200 is a lightweight humidity control solution that weighs 6.6 pounds.Β This unit is based on Peltier technology and draws moisture from the air at a low rate as compared to compressor-based dehumidifiers. In addition, the unit features a 4-pint reservoir and it suitable for boats, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and other small spaces.

The Eva-dry Edv-2200 does not have a provision for attaching a garden hose and it therefore does not support continuous drain option. The user is expected to empty the reservoir from time to time. Unlike most compressor-based dehumidifiers, this unit is quiet and does not produce irritating sound.

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