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As a leading international developer and supplier, EdenPure is relied upon by many to help regulate the air conditions in their homes. They still push the boundaries of technology by innovating new products that enhance their customer experience. This has not only propelled them to one of the household names but also put them on the forefront to set examples of how to produce products that improve peoples’ lives. Other companies are beginning to take notice.

EdenPure knows and understands the importance of demonstrating the highest possible levels of integrity. They can only achieve this by proving to consumers that they can be trusted even during times of conflicts.

They have very competitive prices for their products and have shown high levels of customer service. Their return policy is very friendly to consumers. This has enabled them to retain most of its customers.

They are located at 7800 Whipple Ave. NW Canton, Ohio 44767 in the United States.

EdenPURE products

EdenPURE Air Purifiers

Unlike most of its competitors, EdenPURE doesn’t only rely on HEPA technology as its only bet to ensure the air around its users is clean.

If you only rely on HEPA filter, micron-sized pollutants are going to pass through the purifier and can cause problems to users over the long term. They came up with a much better system known as SilentPURE that ensure the efficiency of the filter is increased by more than 83% while being quieter than its HEPA counterparts.

The EdenPure SilentPure uses no fans. It is still able to move the whole room’s air within 15 minutes without waking the user. It is also able to remove odors from the air ensuring the air is fresh to breathe at all times.

EdenPURE Space Heaters

EdenPURE offers some variety of options when it comes to heaters. These range from Heater/Cooler combos to infrared fireplaces. They understand the importance of functional and safe heaters is of paramount importance to customers.

One such heater is the Gen 2 Pure Infrared Heater that has garnered numerous reviews from users. This bookshelf design heater uses both the HEPA Filter and UV light technologies to ensure no potentially harmful dust particles or germs pass through. This heater is very easy to incorporate to the existing interior design and decor.

Other popular heaters from EdenPURE include EdenPURE CopperSMART and the EdenPURE Infrared Fireplace.

EdenPURE reviews

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