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While convection heat could be good, when coupled with infrared heating, it can provide an excellent source of heat during the blistering summer. This could help you cut on the cost that could have been otherwise been used on running the Air conditioner. Sit back and relax as Dr. Heaters blankets you in a soothing warmth that makes your home cozy and inviting, even in the most brutal winter weather.

Dr. Heaters are better than their counterparts in the market in many ways.Β  Instead of convection heating, Dr. Heaters uses a combination of both convection and infrared heating, which heats objects in the room much more directly. This mode of heating has been proven to be much quicker in providing heat much quicker than other methods. Other heaters simply heat the air in the room. This heater avoids this problem by making sure that drafts aren’t created during the heating process which could leave you feeling warm in one part of the body while feeling cold in another. By heating only the objects in the space–not the air– Dr. Heater provides maximum warmth and energy efficiency.

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Dr. Heaters are designed and manufactured in the USA. This means they are of proven quality as they have gone through a variety of test before being released into the market. These tests ensure the heaters are safe and meet a set of minimum standards.

All of these appliances come with a one year warranty and could be eligible for the return policy if they meet certain requirements.

Dr. Heaters range from industrial series to nightstands and personal use. Overheat protection with totally enclosed motor built-in and steel safety grille prevents accidental burns to fingers.Β Their fans are some of the quietest in the market registering as low as 39dB noise level.

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Dr Infrared Heater – Portable 1500-Watt: Space Heater