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Danby Products Ltd is a Canadian company that markets a variety of home appliances under the name Danby.Β Founded in Quebec in 1947, the company started business by marketing slow cookers and hot plates. Later, the company started marketing air conditioners and other products as the business expanded.

The company is headquartered in Ontario and enjoys a large market share in North America. Danby specializes in marketing without focussing on the manufacturing processes. It uses its affiliates to manufacturer products. The production facilities are located in Mexico, China, and United States.

Apart from its Ontario based headquarters, the company has additional locations in Ohio, Foxboro, Findlay, and Guangzhou.Β The company markets a wide range of home appliances including wine coolers, microwaves, ranges, compact refrigerators, dehumidifiers, and air conditioners. Danby Products Ltd markets products under various brand names including Danby Designer, Danby Premiere, MicroFridge, Silhouette, Danby Diplomat, and Danby.

Danby products

Danby Air Conditioners

Danby has a proven record of providing customers with strong, reliable, and efficient air conditioners. Its air cooling systems come in a variety of capacities to suit the needs of its customers.

The DPA140B1WB, one of its best-sellers, is a 14,000 BTU air conditionerΒ that delivers exemplary performance. It is recommended for spaces that are up to 700 square feet.Β Apart from its cooling function, this unit features a built-in dehumidifier that is capable of pulling up to 54 pints of moisture from the air per day.

This single hose air conditioner offers an intuitive interface, an integrated remote, and an LED display. These features allow users to adjust the environment of their rooms with ease. Furthermore, the DPA140B1WB features caster wheels that allow users to wheel it from one position to another with ease.<

Danby Dehumidifiers

Although Danby offers a wide selection of dehumidifiers, the DDR60A3GP and DDR70A2GP are arguably its most popular solutions. Its products blend performance and energy efficiency and they are known to pull a lot of moisture from the air within a short time.

To start with, the DDR60A3GP is a powerful dehumidifier that is capable of pulling up to 60 pints of moisture from the air in a day.Β This unit is suitable for large rooms, offices, computer rooms, and so. According to Danby, this dehumidifier is suitable for spaces that are up to 1000 square feet.

On the other hand, the DDR70A2GP is capable of pulling up to 70 pints of moisture from the air in 24 hours.Β Danby recommends this unit for spaces that are up to 3800 square feet.

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