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AmazonBasics is a label brand privately owned by Amazon that was launched back in 2009 to help produce products for the e-commerce giant that are sold on their store. As you may have noticed, these products are cheaper off-brand version to popular versions that are found on their store.

Amazon packages, lists and sells these products as other products listed on its websites. One of the reasons why their products are so cheap is because of the cheaper to produce and ship eco-friendly packaging system.

Amazon doesn’t have to compete as fierce as other producers as it is already well known and most users assume that their products are of high quality. Most of the products Amazonbasics produces are clones of best-selling commodities that are made cheaper to appeal to those who can’t afford them.

Some of the products they produce include Bluetooth speakers, cables, kitchenware, and other small appliances.

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amazonbasics Space Heaters

You can pretty much expect appliances coming from such a big player to have attained all the minimum requirements most buyers look for. Although they are constantly accused of cloning successful appliances on the market, they do work, and most of the time it’s all customers care.

Heaters are no exceptions on this. AmazonBasics knows a compact, fast-heating and appealing design will always sell, and they delivered just that. Just look at their ceramic personal heater. Not only will it work in drafty close quarters just as well, but will heat it in seconds. It’s even portable enough to be moved anywhere and comes in 4 colors.

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