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While you may have heard or seen Air Choice products numerous times, they do not have an overseas office other than China and thus trying to get replacement parts or information about the company can be difficult.

Their products are however loved by many and have received positive reviews. They manufacture appliances that range from heaters to dehumidifiers.

You may experience difficulty while trying to find replacements parts or warranty cover because as you already know, they come from China.

Air Choice products

Air Choice Dehumidifiers

Air Choice is also in the dehumidifying market with its line of products. While they aren’t many, they do provide good competition to the market and enable customers to have a wide variety of products from which to choose.

Dehumidifiers are essential appliances to own. If you want to remove mildew and foul smell to in poorly ventilated indoor spaces, Air Choice can help with that.

Models such as the Air Choice Electric 5.0 Pint Dehumidifier are powerful and quiet operators.

Air Choice Space Heaters

Air Choice manufactures some very high-quality heaters that are very safe and functional. They do provide a comfortable and warm winter as they can heat the indoor air much quicker as compared to their counterparts.

Some of these popular heaters include their Electric 500W Portable Space Heater. Air Choice was spot on this one as they managed to provide an affordable heater that was full of essential features that most users look for in a heater.

These include a timer setting, 3 power modes, quiet heater, remote control, energy saving mode, and the auto shut-off protection feature.

Air Choice reviews

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