Boneco – U350: Humidifier Review

At one point or another, you will probably need to add some moisture to the air during those hot summer days when the air conditioner is on or those dry winter evenings when the heat is blasting.Β  The Boneco U350 is an ultrasonic humidifying unit on the market that has been on the sale for a number of years. This humidifier adds moisture to the air to prevent dryness that can cause irritation in many parts of the body.

The Boneco U350 has become an important eco-friendly unit that is designed to fulfill the humidity needs in your house or office. Alongside its proficiency, the unit has a special attention given to its features to make it a very user-friendly home tool.

Description of the U350 by Boneco

The Boneco U350 Ultrasonic is a top-fill humidifier that comes with multiple features that enable it to provide both a warm and cool mist with an easy-to-use model; you just need to pour water into the top until you fill the tank.

The U350 Boneco Ultrasonic also comes with features such as a digital LED display on the face with a sensitive touch control panel, which clearly shoes the functionalities of the Ultrasonic humidifier. It also comes with an indicator which automatically detects the humidity. It is fixed with automatic reminders that alert you when a refill is needed or when the based needs cleaning.

The U350 ultrasonic humidifier possesses unique designs which can easily complement any home or office.Β  It is basically a good fit for every classic and simple-make home. This humidifier also has other worthy features such as the dual jet nozzle which allows the mist to spread in two directions making your house or office well-hydrated.

If you want to make your office or home smell better, then this is a great humidifier for you because it will give a cool fragrance all around the room. How? It is fitted with the fragrance container which is useable with the essential oils. You just need to put your preferred fragrance in the container.

It goes without saying that Boneco U350 has aΒ programmable humidistat, a timer function, and triple performance levels allowing you to control the level of humidity. It is known to have a longer lifespan courtesy of the titanium membrane which doesn’t corrode easily. Its water tank is relatively good and can hold 1.32-gallons of water enabling the humidifier to work for a long time. Besides, you will get one AQUA PRO 2-in-1 water filter when purchasing the product.

There’s no stress when its time to refill because you can easily fill the water tank from the top without moving it. The LED display shows the amount of water and indicates when the water is running out. It has a humidistat which is inbuilt and can always be set to fit your need and preferences.

The display fitted in this humidifier provides an overview of almost every function and maintenance guidelines. With Boneco U350 you can get both cool and warm veils of mist in summer and winter months.

Technical Specs

Type of HumidificationUltrasonic
Type of MistWarm or Cool
Room Coverage650 sq.ft.
Tank Capacity1.32 gallon
Humidification Performance1.32 gallons per day
Water Low IndicatorYes
Automatic Shut-OffYes
Maintenance Reminders-
Display DimmerYes
Power Supply120 V/115W
Weight6.4 lbs
Dimensions12.1x6.5x12.8 inches
Accessories IncludedEZCal Cleaner
,EZCal Pro A100 and Hydrocell A200.
Price (in USD)199.99


  • Design. The design is user friendly and the device is quiet.
  • Refill: It's easy to refill from the top.


  • Inaccuracy. Sometimes the in-built hygrometer is inaccurate
  • Sensitivity. Sometimes the touch panel is not very sensitive

Users' feedback

Users quotes on Amazon.comWILDLY inaccurate hygrometer Just purchased and I can echo another user's comments where the hygrometer is WILDLY inaccurate. This has also been my issue with past Aero-Swiss / Boneco products. This particular model is reading humidity levels at least 20-30% higher than multiple hygrometers in the same room. When the unit turns on it thinks it gets a 350 sq ft room from 20% to 40% in less than a minute and then turns off. If I just use the timer function and not the Auto setting it functions fine but safe to say this is a premium product and does not function like one. Will most likely be returning for a lower end unit. Nice design, quiet, but inaccurate builtin hygrometer I bought this from bedbathbeyond. It is sleek, pretty, and very quiet. The output mist is good. Easy to use with the touch panel. "

Users quotes on Amazon.comA few issues I noticed (which should be improved for a $200 humidifier) The touch panel is not very sensitive. You have to "push" instead of "touch" The manual says there is an "ionic silver stick" embedded in the left part of the tank, but I didn't see it. I saw the slot for it there, but no stick. Maybe it's not equipped in the models sold in the US? Better make it clear. I am not sure if it's just missing or not included at all. The biggest issue I have is with the built-in hygrometer and auto mode. With auto mode on it will automatically turn off if the humidity level is 50%. But the built-in hygrometer is very inaccurate. I turned it on in a very dry winter room for two hours, and it shows the humidity level is 85% and turned itself off! I don't think that is true since I still feel very dry, and one of another external hygrometer says the humidity in the room is just 30%. So I have to turn off the auto mode, disable humidity level settings (by setting it to Co, which means Continuous), so it will generate mist. "

Conclusion: U350 by Boneco

After a thorough dive into the Boneco U350 ultrasonic humidifier, we have determined it’s a great home tool that provides an adequate humidity level for your room. The unit creates a cool moist environment which is automatically controlled and requires little or no concern once it has been set up.

This unit is also affordable.Β  However,Β we can’t fully recommend this product since there are better, higher quality, and less flawed products on the market that are equally or better priced.

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