Boneco – S450: Humidifier Review

The Boneco S450 steam humidifier is considered one of the most efficient modern home equipment of its kind, with most of its features like the Auto and Sleep mode making it very reliant, adaptable, home-setting friendly, and ecologically efficient.

The product creates a healthy indoor environment for families and eliminates any form of health hazard by controlling the dry air symptoms making breathing easier while releasing the warm mist into the air. Unlike other boiler style humidifiers, Boneco S450 is risk-free and basically safe.

In terms of effective area coverage, the steam humidifier covers an area of up to 860 feet. That makes the product cost effective for average-sized homes; just one steam humidifier will be adequate.

Description of the S450 by Boneco

As an automatically programmable hygrostat, the Boneco s450 humidifier regulates the output by releasing steam while heating water to the boiling point hence producing hand warm and bacteria free mist which help to ensure you are breathing in healthy air at all times.

The equipment is fitted with a number of incredible features like the LED digital touch panel display that enhances its operation and makes it very easy to handle. The Unit has many different inbuilt operating modes which gives the consumer the freedom to regulate. For example, the unit also has a removable water tank with a handle making it easier to refill. The decalcification mode is crucial in the cleaning of the tank water base.

Its placement on the floor or on a flat base is stable due to its low center of gravity in the making. This does not only make it safe for handling but also creates a high proficiency in terms of finding where to place it and also neutralizes its delicateness.

Its humidity output of 3.5 gallons of water in 24 hours makes it efficient for use in low humid or relatively dry places where water may not be sufficient. As a result, it doesn’t demand huge volumes of water

When it comes to maintenance, the Boneco S450 humidifier is easy to maintain. Objectively, the unit has maintenance reminders for example when the water needs to be refilled it will send a reminder when the water needs to be cleaned, it also has set reminders, this does not just enhance its efficiency but also improves its lifespan.

The Boneco S450 steam humidifier has a standard weight of 4.5kgs/10 lbs., a power consumption leverage of 160-480 watts, and a dimensional occupancy of 14×9.5×13.2 inches. It also has a fragrance container for use with the essential oils, cleaning and water level indicators which help you know when changes are needed, and comes with a 3-year warranty.

Technical Specs

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Type of HumidificationClear Warm Mist Technology
Type of MistClear Warm
Room Coverage860 sq.ft.
Tank Capacity3.5 gallons
Humidification Performance3.5 gallons per 24 hours
Water Low IndicatorYes
Automatic Shut-OffYes
Maintenance Reminders-
Display DimmerYes
Power Supply230V/480W
Weight10 lbs
Dimensions14x9.5x13.2 inches
Warranty3 yrs
Accessories IncludedAnti-Mineral pads, Ezcal Cleaner, Ezcal pro
Price (in USD)247.99


  • Functionality: It’s a very hygienic way to put moisture in the air and have a well-conditioned room. It does not leave a white powder residue
  • Filters: It does not have expensive water filters that need to be bought
  • Refilling: The water tank is easy to fill since it got a handle


  • Sound: A little bit louder than other humidifiers.
  • Efficiency: It is a bit slow in putting water to the air though picks with time.

Users' feedback

Users quotes on Amazon.comI own many Air-O-Swiss humidifiers and was about to order another 7135 Digital ultrasonic when I noticed this new model. Here are my observations after using this humidifier for 2 weeks: Overall I'm still giving it 3 stars (despite the noise, slower humidification rate, and other minor gripes because I like having actual steam humidification (I'm less worried about mold), and appreciate not having to buy those expensive silver ion sticks or demineralization cartridges. I do recommend this humidifier, but you should be aware of the louder noise."

Users quotes on Amazon.comI just purchased this humidifier, and here is my initial feedback: The unit is well constructed, with thick plastic walls. The control panel is touch-based and is very sensitive and easy to use. I picked this model since it generated moisture via boiling, and it had all of the controls that I would probably ever want to use. It is very simple to set up and use, with the manual layout clearly. I am using it in the Auto mode so that it only comes on if the humidity drops below the setting that I input. It does not make that much noise and is very effective in maintaining the humidity at the proper level. I use it at night when sleeping."

Conclusion: S450 by Boneco

Having critically analyzed the bad and the good side of the Boneco S450 unit, it is clear that the preferable outweighs the deferrable. It is also worth noting that from the market study the item offers a good value for money which makes it a good budgetary home tool considering the quality of service it is rendering.

Besides, Boneco S450 steam humidifier is more of a health product and not just your normal home unit. Health experts will advise that the warm mist humidifying is a great way of putting to a halt itching, flu, dried sinuses, and the sore throat which are often associated with dry air and even eczema.

You can go for this humidifier to spice the air with the necessary moisture.

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