Best Space Heater with a Remote

With the current rate of advancement in automation and smart home appliances, remote controllers are a bare minimum must-have feature if the consumers are going to take your appliance seriously. Space heaters are no exceptions.

A remote heater provides much convenience especially if you don’t feel like leaving your couch to go and tend to the heating appliance. Most of the remote controls enable you to configure your heater just as you would on the onboard control panel as long as you are in required distance from the heater. Remote controllers mostly use Infrared Rays as it has proven to be safer since it does not interfere with signals from other devices.

→ The Best Space Heater with a Remote 🏆 according to The Air Geeks:

    🎮 The Best Space Heater with a Remote

    For The Air Geeks, the best Space Heater with a Remote is the model Portable 1500-Watt by the brand Dr Infrared Heater.
    (See our test of the Dr Infrared Heater - Portable 1500-Watt)

    Why? As a quick recap, here's the main thing we love about it:
    • Super quiet: If you love quiet rooms when sleeping the auto-mode is very efficient.
    • Safe:Topple and overheat detection features can be handy in preventing burn and fire accidents.

    Dr Infrared heater not only comes with a remote control but it is also a very efficient heating source that is both easy to use and safe. This heater comes with a dual heating system – meaning it utilizes both convection and radiation to heat a room. You will begin to feel the warmth the minute you turn on the heater because the infrared heat is dispersed by quartz bulbs.

    With this heater, you won’t need to sit directly in front of the heater in order to feel the warmth.  A powerful and extremely quiet blower ensures the air heated by the ceramic element is forced out and spread to various parts of the house to add to the infrared radiation’s heat energy. 

    Dr Infrared heater comes with a handy IR remote control that ensures you don’t have to move from your chair to configure the appliance.

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Frequently asked questions about the Best Space Heater with a Remote

How Important is it to have a Remote with a Space Heater?

Remote control technology has improved a great deal recently, enabling better control of heaters and other household appliances. While a remote control is, of course, not a necessity, it certainly is a nice convenience.  How important a remote control is depends on your own preferences. 

If your space heater has a remote-control capability, you don’t have to the appliance to change the settings as you can achieve that from the comfort of your couch. Some heaters also have smart home automation capability whereby the heater is connected with other appliances in the house to provide more flexibility and harmony.

What does the Remote Really Control?

Most remote controls are capable of replacing onboard control panels. This means they can control everything from the temperature values to the timer functions. Remote controllers can even enable you to set your home to become warmer before you set out of work. 

The only downside of using a remote controller is that, since the majority do not have a digital display, you might not be able to set the temperatures precisely especially if you cannot see the onboard display from your couch.

What is a Thermostat?

This handy little device helps maintain the set temperatures by switching the circuit on and off. Different thermostat works on different principles with the main ones using either bimetallic strips or gas-filled bellows to measure the change in temperature. 

Bimetallic strip thermostats work using the rate of expansion of different metals. Though they work as fine, they, however, are not able to respond well to small changes in temperature.  

Gas-filled bellow thermostats are better options especially in appliances that need to react quickly to heat temperatures. These types of thermostats use gas trapped between bellows. When the temperature of the room increases, the gas trapped between the discs expands, forcing a micro-switch to break the circuit and the opposite is repeated when the room cools 

Thermostats are very useful features in heaters as they not only help maintain a constant temperature but also help to ensure the heater doesn’t continue to run even when the desired temperature has been reached, which greatly reduces the cost of heating the house.