Best Space Heater for Asthma and Allergies

Space heaters have been the go-to-appliance that has helped battle the freezing winter cold for decades. However, the risk to increase asthma or allergy symptoms shouldn’t . This brings the following question: can the appliances you are using indoor help tame asthma and allergies symptoms?

Thankfully, certifications have been put into place to let consumers understand how their units influences this risk. We selected the most certified item.

โ†’ The Best Space Heater for Asthma and Allergies ๐Ÿ† according to The Air Geeks:

    ๐Ÿคง The Best Space Heater for Asthma and Allergies

    For The Air Geeks, the best Space Heater for Asthma and Allergies is the model Pure Hot Cool Link by the brand Dyson .
    (See our test of the Dyson - Pure Hot Cool Link)

    Why? As a quick recap, here's the main thing we love about it:
    • Real-time air quality metrics. With the Dyson Link app, you can monitor the air quality conditions of your home or office and control your air purifier remotely.
    • The Pure Hot Cool Link is a multi-functional unit. Apart from purifying the air in your space, this unit can heat or cool your room. However, in extreme weather, you cannot solely rely on this air purifier for heating or cooling.
    • Jet focus control enables you to control airflow depending on your needs. It allows you to either focus airflow to a particular place or diffuse it.
    • โ†’

    Dyson being the excellent brand it is, this space heater has been Certified asthma and allergy friendly and awarded the quiet mark accreditation. You’re guaranteed to minimize asthma + allergies with this unit.


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Frequently asked questions about the Best Space Heater for Asthma and Allergies

Can space heaters cause allergies?

Space heaters have been accused of exacerbating allergies and asthma conditions when they are used during the winter. While there is some truth in these accusations, you need to understand how space heaters work in order to find ways to lessen their effect.

One way a space heater could cause allergies is when they reduce the humidity in the room. The resulting dry air can cause irritations in the sinus cavity triggering or worsening allergy conditions. Investing in a humidifier can help maintain the humidity of the room.

Also, if you are using a wood stove to heat the room, it spews dust and smoke particles in the air which are known allergens that could worsen your situation. In such situations, an air purifier with a HEPA filter can make a huge difference.

What are the precautions to use for people with allergies/asthma?

It is good to take precautionary measures before you buy or set up a space heater to prevent inadvertently causing harm to yourself or your loved ones. It is normal for a space heater to cause a decrease in humidity when the temperature rises. Some brands such as Dr.Infrared have models with an in-built humidifier which could save you the hassle of buying another appliance.

Oil-filled space heater.

Ensure your filters are cleaned every three months. Check the filter to make sure it is working properly before setting it up for the winter season.

Since space heater are meant to work in rooms as opposed to the entire house, it is a good practice to ensure you don’t move back and forth between heated and non-heated rooms as this abrupt change in temperature could cause serious health problems such as allergies and low blood pressure.