Best Quiet Portable Air Conditioner

Shhh... Reading in a cool atmosphere here!

Shhh… Reading in a cool atmosphere here!

Which is the most silent / quiet portable air conditioner out there?

Well believe it or not, we get this question a lot. So we made a page for you, who wants to sleep like a baby! You will find below our choices depending on whether you need to cool a large apartment (14 000 BTU – 700 sq. ft.) or a smaller room (5 000 BTU – 150 sq. ft.), and everything in between!

Best Silent Portable Air Conditioners in February 2023

Best quiet ~15 000 BTU portable air conditioner (for very large spaces)

The best quiet choice if you need to cool a very large area.

Why? Its 54 dB will be silent enough to nap around the device this summer. Geeks approved!

Our rating :


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Best quiet ~14 000 BTU portable air conditioner (for large spaces)

The best quiet choice if you need to cool a large area.

Why? Only 51 dB (very silent on our opinion) while still being a top-notch, high power portable AC. Go for it!

Our rating :


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Best quiet ~10 000 BTU portable air conditioner (for medium spaces)

Extra silence for your everyday cooler… Do we have this in store?

Why? Can’t beat 50 dB for a portable air conditioner this good!

Our rating :


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Best quiet ~8 000 BTU portable air conditioner (for small spaces)

Extra silence for your everyday cooler… Do we have this in store?

Why? The most silent of all portable ACs on the market : 45dB. Go for it if you need a quick silent fix!

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Quiet Portable Air Conditioners : questions and answers

Below, you will find our list of silent portable AC units. Before that, we will answer a few general questions.

Under how many decibels is a Portable AC considered silent?

If you are going to use any type of air conditioning unit in your home or at the office, you can always expect a buzz, coming from the micro-vibration of the unit with air, that is either inspired or ejected from the unit.

What we hear and what we bear!
However, this “buzz” or sound is not always heard by the human ear! Our hearing starts at 0 dB (or decibels), and while 40 dB is the sound of a soft whisper, 70 dB is that of a classroom chatter.

Silent air conditioners will run under 55 dB, while very silent AC units can run below 50 dB. We listed below the most quiet portable air conditioners for you to take your pick.

Are quiet portable air conditioners more expensive?

It doesn’t seem so. While among the most sought-for features in portable AC, silence of operation does not involve higher prices. While silence is certainly golden, it doesn’t seem like it was priced here!

If you are particularly sensitive to noise, we listed below all the quiet air conditioners tested at The Perfect Air.

How much will it cost to maintain a quiet portable air conditioner?

Portable air conditioners require servicing. You will need to lubricate moving parts and replace worn out filters as recommended by the manufacturer. Use the guidelines provided by your manufacturer to determine the lifespan of the filters.

Can one portable air conditioner cool multiple rooms?

A quiet portable air conditioner is unsuitable for cooling multiple rooms. However, one portable unit can cool adjacent rooms if there is sufficient flow of air between the two spaces.

How long will I take to install a quiet portable AC?

It is easy to install a quiet portable air conditioner as long as you follow the user’s manual. You just need to attach the hose in a way that allows the unit to exhaust warm air outside your house. Also, it is advisable to place the unit near a power outlet.

Where should I place the quiet portable air conditioner?

You should set your system a few feet from the wall and close to a standard power outlet. Also, ensure that you position it in a place that is free from distractions that can lower its efficiency. You can also put the unit near the heat source as this increase its effectiveness.

What should I check before calling an air conditioner expert if it malfunctions?

A quiet portable air conditioner may malfunction due to power supply issues. Confirm that the unit’s power connection is working as expected before contacting a professional.

How do I know the exact size of a quiet portable AC that will cool my house effectively?

The British Thermal Unit; abbreviated as BTU, is a measure of the cooling capability of a portable AC. For a smaller space with less than 300 square feet, you should use a unit with 7,000 to 10,000 BTUs. For a medium-sized space, you can use models with about 11,000 to14,000 BTUs. You should use the space size estimations provided by the manufacturer when selecting a suitable unit for your room.

Should I extend the length of the exhaust hose of my unit?

The length of an exhaust pipe can vary between 4 to 7 feet depending on the model of your AC. Extending the hose may violate the warranty conditions provided by the manufacturer of your quiet portable air conditioner. Furthermore, these hoses are usually made from a material that enhances the overall efficiency of an air conditioner. Modifying your hose by extending it with another material is likely to lower the expected performance. Though it is possible to extend the length, it is not advisable to do so.

Can I use the quiet portable AC without a hose?

No. If you fail to use the hose, the warm air will circulate in your room and the unit will, therefore, be unable to cool your space.

How should I store my unit if I am not using it for a long time?

If you do not intend to use your quiet portable air conditioner for more than three months, then you should store it properly. Drain the water from the collector and then dry it. Other storage tips include;

  • To prevent mold build-up inside the unit, run for at least half a day using the fan mode.
  • Unplug the PAC from the power socket.
  • Remove the batteries from the remote controller.
  • Remove the air filters, clean them, and then reinstall back to their position.
  • Unplug the air hose and store it separately.
  • Place your system in a dry place and always ensure it is in an upright position.

My quiet portable air conditioner does not cool my entire space even though it blows cold air. What could be the problem?

The system can fail to cool the whole room if its BTU is less than the recommended. Its effectiveness can also be affected if the hose is damaged or if external air enters through window openings.

When purchasing a cooling unit, confirm that it has a BTU rating that is recommended for your space. Check your hose pipe to ensure that there no air leakages from its point of connection to the conditioning system. Screw all the loose nuts firmly and also ensure that the hose has no kinks. To enhance the effectiveness of your unit, you should also seal the windows to make sure that no hot air enters the room from the outside.

After how long should I drain the water from my unit?

Most portable units have a reservoir for collecting the captured water. Some models are designed to allow continuous drainage of the captured water. The most advanced models employ self-evaporative technology to exhaust water together with the hot air. The number of times per week that you empty your unit mostly depends on the time of usage and the level of humidity in the surrounding environment.

Does a quiet portable air conditioner require special power connection?

No. Most of the models are designed to use the standard household power. Apart from mains electricity, these units can also use alternative sources of power as long as they are providing the rated input power. The main factors that determine the amount of energy that a unit consumes are its rated power and the number of hours of operation.

How can I enhance the effectiveness of my portable unit?

To start with, you should install the unit properly and ensure that warm air does not find its way back to your room. Secondly, you should service your unit on regular basis and replace worn out parts with new ones. You should also avoid placing your unit close to walls or next to items that can obstruct air flow.

What is the difference between a double-hose and a single hose models?

Single tube systems have one pipe that takes in hot air, conditions it and then pumps the cold air back to the room. The unit exhausts hot air through the exhaust pipe. This creates a negative pressure within a room. A dual-hose system, on the other hand, has two pipes, and its design overcomes the negative pressure problem. It uses two fans and therefore has higher energy needs as compared to a single hose model.