Best Garage Space Heater

If you prefer heating rooms individually rather than having the main heating system, or simply can’t afford one, it’s time you grab a space heater for your garage during the cold weather. But before you settle on one, it is important to consider the following: Is it safe? Is it built to last? What is the size of your garage? What are some other additional convenience features provided by the heater?

If you can get answers to all or most of these questions, we are very sure you will be able to settle on the right heater for your garage. Garages require special attention when installing heaters as they aren’t just like any other room. Other features you might want to look for are thermostats, timers, remote controls, and good handles. Also, ensure the heater’s cord will provide enough mobility for the heater. If it’s too short, then it should allow for an extension to be fitted.

→ The Best Garage Space Heater 🏆 according to The Air Geeks:

    🚗 The Best Garage Space Heater

    For The Air Geeks, the best Garage Space Heater is the model Phoenix Floor to Wall by the brand Heat Storm.
    (See our test of the Heat Storm - Phoenix Floor to Wall)

    Why? As a quick recap, here's the main thing we love about it:
    • Wall mountable: There is an option to mount it on the wall using the installation kit.
    • Designed for Modern Home: If you are looking for a stylish and sleek appliance that won't be an eyesore, this one fits in that category.

    Heat Storm Phoenix Floor to Wall space heater can be hung either on the wall or set on the ground – it all depends on your preference.  This space heater also comes with a remote control for ease of use while working in your garage.  It also has two power modes capable of producing up to 5200 BTUs at 1500W.  If you enjoy smart home solutions, this heater allows you to control it from your phone by use of a downloadable app. 

    The dual wall HMS patented technology ensures maximum efficiency to provide a quick heating solution so you can rest comfortably. It is also very portable enabling multi-room-heating without difficulty. 

    A LED display control panel with a thermostat ensures you have complete control of the temperature produced by this heater.

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Frequently asked questions about the Best Garage Space Heater

Are Propane Space Heaters the Best Option for Garages?

If your garage is well ventilated, using a propane space heater could be a good option to provide a reliable source of heat throughout the year. As long as you have installed the gas lines, you are well assured that the heater will work even when there are power outages as it doesn’t require electricity to operate. 

Most propane heater-based accidents are usually caused by people not following the best practices as opposed to flaws in the heaters – so be careful!

How Can I Ensure that Space Heaters are Safe for the Garage?

To ensure maximum safety while working with such high energy space heaters, you will need to be extra vigilant on how you handle the appliance. Almost most models, the heater comes with instructions to ensure the the is operated in a safe manner – please read them!

Make sure not to leave a heater unattended, no matter what.  Always turn off the heater when you leave the garage and never go to sleep with the appliance running as this can cause unexpected fire hazards to occur.

Will this Space Heater also work in my Personal Gym or Workshop located in my Garage?

Heat Storm Phoenix comes with a patented heating (HMS) technology that uses a heat exchanger to ensure soft and safe heating in your gym without reducing the humidity or oxygen. Thus, this space heater, in particular, will work well in your gym.  However, not all space heaters are like this – so do your homework!

This heater is easy to install and can be strategically placed or installed to ensure the heat is optimally directed to the intended object.