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What makes the best air conditioner for a garage : Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth investing in a portable air conditioner for garage?

Yes. Most people store a lot of valuables such as collectibles, paints, metal tools and vehicles inside the garage. These spaces can get hot due to factors such as poor ventilation and low ceilings. Most of the items that we store in these rooms can spoil due to high-temperature exposure.

A garage air conditioner!

A garage air conditioner!

If you spend like twenty hours a week in a garage, then the high temperatures can lower your productivity as it is uncomfortable working under such conditions.

Most portable air conditioners have wheels and you can push them from one point to another depending on your cooling needs. Placing them near running engines ensures that you get the desired temperature fast enough.

How often should I clean my portable air conditioner for garage?

You should clean the filters at least once in a week to get rid of dust and particles that they trap during the cooling process. You should carefully remove the filters from the frames and rinse them with running water. You should remember to dry them thoroughly before fitting them back into the unit.

If your PAC has carbonated filters, you should not dip them in water as doing so lowers their effectiveness. In addition, you should clean the entire unit thoroughly once in a month to do away with mold and odor.

What is the difference between a portable air conditioner and an air cooler?

The two units are completely different operation wise. An air cooler evaporates water to cool its immediate environment. Such a unit absorbs the heat through moisture evaporation, bringing the temperatures down by about 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

A stylish and easy to handle unit

A stylish and easy to handle unit

Most portable air conditioners are designed to cool air and dehumidify it. They use compressors to cool the air and they are more efficient than air coolers. They take hot air from rooms and exhaust it through a venting system.

Is a portable air conditioner for garage energy efficient?

The power consumption of a portable air conditioning unit mainly depends on its design, capacity, and the number of hours that it operates.

Portable air conditioners that have a low energy efficiency rating consume more power than units that have a high rating. A portable unit with an EER of 7, therefore, consumes more power than a unit with an EER of 8. A portable AC with a rating of 10 or more is desirable as it saves on electricity costs.

Which BTU rating fits my garage?

One of the key factors that you should consider when selecting a portable air conditioner for garage is the British Thermal Unit (BTU) rating. Portable units with high BTU ratings are capable of cooling large spaces. Low capacity units are suitable for small spaces.

For a space that is approximately 400 square feet, you should use a 12,000 BTU portable AC. For a larger garage, a unit with a higher capacity, e.g. 14,000 BTU, should be used. Other factors to consider when selecting an air conditioner include the ventilation, insulation, and source of heat within the garage.

Due to poor ventilation in most garages, you should use a portable AC with a BTU rating that is slightly higher than the recommended rating for that space.

How often should I empty the water collected in my portable air conditioner for garage?

Most portable units have a bucket for collecting the captured water. The amount of water collected mainly depends on the relative humidity of the air in your garage.

Cleaning the filters, a good place to start.

Cleaning the filters, a good place to start.

If you live in a humid place, then the unit can fill its reservoir a couple of times in a day. For dry environments, the unit can take many days to fill the tank. Apart from emptying the reservoir manually, most units are designed to support continuous drainage of captured water.

Some portable units use self-evaporating technology to get rid of the captured water. These models are efficient in air conditioning process as they use water to cool the coils which make the process pretty fast.

Ice is building up on my air conditioner, what are the possible causes?

If you set a very low target temperature, moisture can build up on the coils. The moisture condenses as ice due to the low temperatures. Build-up of ice can also be cause by accumulation of debris on the cold parts of your air conditioner.

Sleek controls at Delonghi

Sleek controls at Delonghi

If you fail to clean your unit regularly, dirt and dust particles can accumulate on the coils. This causes the air flow within the AC to reduce which in turn overworks the compressor. Humidity that comes inside the unit freezes on the coils instead of condensing due to reduced air movement.

Will a portable AC with a higher BTU cool my garage faster?

You should consider the size of your chamber when selecting an air conditioner. An oversized unit cools the air faster than expected. As cold air bounces from the wall onto the conditioning unit, the thermostat shows lower temperature readings forcing the compressor to shut off.

Once the compressor is off, the thermostat reads the actual temperature, forcing the compressor to turn on again. This process continues after every two to three minutes which means that the preferred temperature will not be attained at any time.

Will I need to modify the wiring of my space to accommodate a portable air conditioner for garage?

Most portable air conditioning units are designed to use the standard household voltage.

Therefore, there will be no need to modify the wiring of your garage if it has already been wired. In extreme cases, models with a BTU of above 14,000 may require special wiring.

Do I need a technician to set up the portable AC?

No. Using the manual that is provided by the manufacturer, you can install a portable unit in less than 30 minutes. The primary considerations when installing a portable air conditioner for garage are the space size, power supply, and the venting means.

Once you set the vents so as to exhaust the warm air, you can plug the unit into the power socket, and you are ready to go.