Best Commercial/Industrial Dehumidifier

Here we go : the heavy duty! Sometimes, you just need large-scale dehumidification on a permanent basis, to prevent serious damages possibly caused by mold, mildew, rust or water vapor in the workplace, the art gallery or the warehouse. Here is our take on what to think about when you are thinking about buying a commercial dehumidifier.

Preserve your assets from mold!

Preserve your assets from mold!

At The Air Geeks, this is our domain of expertise, and we have carefully chosen the best commercial/industrial grade dehumidifier to fulfill your needs.

To choose, we have put an emphasis on efficiency and reliability, while taking into account ease of use in the long run and global value.

Commercial Dehumidifier: Frequently Asked Questions

Excess moisture can ruin the environment of a commercial facility and make it an uncomfortable place for guests, visitors, staff, and so on. It can cause mustiness, promote rusting of equipment, rotting of furniture, and growth of molds.

To prevent excess moisture from ruining the environment of your hotel, hospital, or school, you should invest in a commercial dehumidifier. This appliance pulls excess moisture from the air to prevent it from ruining the environment of your commercial facility.

Commercial dehumidifiers find many applications in health clubs, hotels, fitness centers, high schools, colleges, universities and other facilities. Build-up of moisture in these places can ruin windows, walls, ceilings, books, expensive equipment, artwork, furniture and so on. A commercial dehumidifier captures moisture before it causes damages.

If you are interested in understanding how these dehumidifiers work, what they are used for, what you should consider when selecting one, and so on, then you have come to the right place.

Why do I need a commercial dehumidifier in my facility?

Excess moisture can significantly ruin the environment of your facility. It can spoil the look and feel of your hotel rooms, spa rooms, swimming pool rooms, and so on. The mustiness alone can make your customers feel uncomfortable. With a good commercial dehumidifier, you can prevent all this. This unit senses excess moisture and pulls it to ensure that your space is free from excess water vapor.

Apart from helping to create an environment that makes your staff, customers or visitors feel comfortable, this unit plays a critical role in ensuring that excess moisture does not damage your facility’s valuables.

How does a dehumidifier help to protect walls and ceilings?

Excess moisture condenses on walls and ceilings to cause spots. If there are spots on your walls and ceilings, then it is likely that the air in you space has excess moisture.

Desiccant commercial dehumidifier

Desiccant commercial dehumidifier

Before you repaint your walls, you should ensure that your space has a dehumidifier. If you have been repainting your walls more times than it is necessary, then a dehumidification system will help to contain the problem.

How should I estimate a suitable capacity for my space?

Before you install a dehumidifier, you should consider the size of your space. A small fitness center requires a low capacity dehumidification system while a large dining room of a beach hotel requires a high capacity system. The amount of moisture in the air mainly depends on the humidity of your surroundings.

If your facility is located near the beach, then you may need a stronger moisture absorbing system. In most cases, the manufacturer recommends the size of a space that a unit is suitable for.

Before you purchase a particular dehumidification system, you should analyze the dehumidification needs of your facility. Key considerations should be the size of your space and the relative humidity of your surroundings.

How much water does a dehumidifier capture in a day?

Your dehumidifier can pull a lot of moisture from the air in your space if the relative humidity of your surroundings is high. High capacity dehumidifiers that are used in large spaces capture more moisture as compared to low capacity units that are used in smaller spaces.

In case you have a large facility and it is located in a high humidity place, then you should expect your commercial dehumidifier to pull several pints of water in a day.

If you live in a high humidity environment, you should select a unit that has a suitable drainage option. Fortunately, most high capacity commercial dehumidifiers have an integrated water pumping mechanism.
Where does the captured water go?

Protecting your inventory

Protecting your inventory

In high humidity environments, commercial dehumidifiers can pull hundreds of pint of water within a short duration of time. Most high capacity dehumidifiers have a have a pumping mechanism that is used to pump the captured water to a set location.

In some cases, the system is designed to allow water to flow to a specific location under gravity. This water can be used for watering flowers, plants, lawns, and so on.

How much energy does a dehumidifier consume?

A high capacity commercial dehumidifier has more energy needs as compared to a single room unit. Large commercial facilities employ high capacity dehumidification systems.

For such facilities, the amount of energy consumed mainly depends on the size of the space and the relative humidity of the surroundings. For high humidity environments, a dehumidification system is required to operate for many hours to keep the relative humidity within the desired levels. This results in more electricity consumption.

Some dehumidification systems are designed to consume minimum energy. When selecting a dehumidification solution for your facility, you should select a system that has an Energy Star logo. Such dehumidifiers are optimized to deliver high efficiencies.

How can I enhance the performance of my commercial dehumidifier?

To enhance the performance of your commercial dehumidification system, you should ensure that it is regularly serviced and maintained. Servicing entails cleaning the ducts, oiling the rotating parts of your system, removing debris, and so on.

Failure to service your unit can result in air contamination and poor performance of the system. It is common for rotating parts to wear after a period of time. Such parts should be replaced as recommended by the manufacturer.

Does a dehumidifier produce disturbing noise?

Noise can spoil the environment of your facility and make customers, visitors, or guests feel uncomfortable. A dehumidifier has moving parts that produce sound during operation. The amount of noise produced by a dehumidifier varies from one unit to another.

Small dehumidification systems produce less noise as compared to large units. Most high capacity units are installed in a way that minimizes noise interference. Before you select a particular unit for your facility, you should ensure that it does not produce sounds that can interfere with the activities taking place in your facility.

If you are intending to transform the environment of your commercial facility by installing a dehumidification system, now you have answers to most of the frequently asked questions.

Best Commercial/Industrial Dehumidifier

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