Best Commercial Humidifier

With hundreds of different possible applications, industrial and commercial humidifiers are the way to go for store owners, factory. We picked the one reliable device that we found most applicable to a variety of uses.

β†’ The Best Commercial Humidifier πŸ† according to The Air Geeks:

    🏭 The Best industrial and commercial humidifier

    For The Air Geeks, the best industrial and commercial humidifier is the model 700 by the brand Aprilaire.
    (See our test of the Aprilaire - 700)

    Why? As a quick recap, here's the main thing we love about it:
    • Effectiveness: Humidifies the whole house while still functioning perfectly well with less maintenance cost.
    • Functionality: Works in collaboration with an outdoor thermistor to regulate the indoor temperatures and humidity.
    • Operation: Auto operated without the need for intervention.
    • β†’

    An excellent, all-purpose device to humidify the air around – from an excellent brand that has been around for decades.

    Our rating:


Frequently asked questions about the Best Commercial Humidifier

What is different between commercial humidifiers and domestic humidifiers?

All humidifiers work to increase the humidity in a space by adding moisture in the air. Depending on the size, risk factor, the amount of moisture you need to be added will determine whether you go for a commercial or domestic humidifier.Β Β 

Due to their small capacity, low running volume and easy usability, domestic humidifier work best in residential areas. This may include basements, study room, living rooms or where that does not require a huge humidifier to humidify. They are usually designed to be appealing to the eye and have an easy to use control panel that requires little or no instructions to use.Β Β 

Commercial humidifiers, on the other hand, are required to have a much larger capacity to ensure they can cover large spaces with ease. Appealing design is not a priority on this type of humidifiers but durability and reliability as they could be tasked to maintain a constant humidity level for long times. Some of the places that might need commercial humidifiers include large pool areas and hospitals.

How to size a commercial humidifier?

Humidification load is the amount of humidity that should be added to a building for a specific application. How quickly the humidifier can add moisture into the air will determine its effectiveness. Most naturally ventilated spaces are based on 1 to 2 Air Changes per Hour, ACH. This means that the air in the area will completely get replaced within 1 or 2-hours maximum.Β Β Β 

By using the formula CFM = No. of air changes/hrΒ x cubic volume Γ· 60 minutes, we can calculate the rate at which our humidifier will need to operate at to ensure it efficiently moisturize the air as it gets replaced. If our area has a 100,000 volume of space and ACH of 1 then 100000 x 1 Γ· 60 which should give you about 1670 CFM. To calculate its load, we need to first get its moisture content per 100 so we divide our value by 100 CFM to get 16.7CFM if we are hoping to achieve say 70F and 50% Relative humidity, we will need to add 3.14lbs of moisture content per hour per 100CFM (use a psychometric chart to get this figure).Β Β Β 

You can then go on and multiply our previous value of 16.7 CFM with 3.14lbs to get the humidify load capacity of our humidifier as 52.44Β lbsΒ per hour.

How does an industrial humidifier work?

Industrial humidifiers are used to ensure material properties are preserved and maintain a conducive environment for workers in industrial buildings. Most of these are installed as part of the HVAC systems. They work by pushing large volume of moisture into the air and therefore increasing the humidity level of the area.

Additional moisture within the air is also useful when trying to reduce the number of airborne particles as this might affect your workers’ productivity. Properly humidified working environment ensures workers work in a conducive environment that does not expose them to skin and breathing conditions.