Best Cheap Air Purifier

Cheaper air purifiers do not always come cheaply made! You will find below our pick and questions answered for you.

Best Cheap Air Purifiers in February 2023 : our picks

Best Air Purifier under $100

Inexpensive does not have to mean inefficient: so who’s our winner here?

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Best Air Purifier under $200

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Best Air Purifier under $300

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Best Cheap Air Purifier : your questions, answered

Are cheap air purifiers energy efficient?

Most of the models in the market consume between 50 to 200 watts just like the majority of other household items. The unit should run continuously to make it more effective in cleaning the air in your space.

To cut power consumption, you can operate the system at a lower speed when you are away from home. You can switch the air purifier to medium speed when at home for faster cleaning. Selecting an appliance that has the Energy Star rating will help to minimize total power consumption.

How much will it cost to maintain a cheap air purifier?

The cost of maintenance varies from one user to another due to factors such as handling, model and time of usage. Filter-based units usually come with a HEPA filter, Pre-filters, and carbon filters.

Some units have replaceable filters while others come with permanent ones. Cleaning the filters as specified by the manufacturers helps to enhance the effectiveness of a cheap air purifier. HEPA filters are durable and can last up to five years. Most of the pre-filters last up to one year while the carbonated filters last up to two years.

For the washables, you should clean them regularly to enhance their effectiveness. You should, however, avoid cleaning carbonated filters with water as this affects their effectiveness. You should consider the cost of replacing filters when buying an air purifier to ensure that your cost of maintenance will be as low as possible.

Why should I buy an air purifier?

When the external pollutants find their way to the indoors, the air in your room can be dominated by pollen, pet dander, smoke, and chemicals. A combination of indoor and outdoor pollutants makes your house unsafe for habitation and can lead to allergic reactions and breathing problems. A cheap air purifier captures various pollutants thereby reducing your trips to the family physician.

What is CADR rating and how is it related to the performance of an air purifier?

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) rating is commonly used to quantify the performance of an air purifier. Developed by Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, this rating quantifies the capacity of a unit to remove dust, smoke, and pollen. Air purifiers with higher CADR rating are more effective as compared to those with lower ratings.

Will a cheap air purifier deal with allergens from my pets?

Pets shed allergens which can either be visible or invisible. Cats have allergens in their saliva which they release to the air as they lick their fur. When such saliva dries, it becomes airborne and affects the air quality. Birds also shake their feathers and release dust particles which get into the immediate environment. Pet fur and dander are other contaminants that can cause breathing problems and itching.

HEPA filters are capable of trapping up to 99.97% 0f airborne contaminants that are larger than 0.3 microns. This filtration mechanism can, therefore, capture most of the contaminants that trigger allergic reactions. To capture odors from pet urine, you should use an air purifier that has a carbon filter. You should place a cheap air purifier in the room where your pets spend most of their time.

There is mold in my house. Which air purifier should I buy?

The presence of mold in the air can cause breathing problems, nausea, red eyes and asthma. A cheap air purifier with HEPA filters removes mold spores from the air which makes the room more habitable. If the infestation is massive, you should contact an expert before the situation gets out of hand. These microorganisms prefer bathrooms, sinks, and other poorly ventilated spaces that have high levels of moisture.

Is a cheap air purifier noisy?

Just like most home appliances, a cheap air purifier produces noise. The loudness of the sound produced by an air purifier mainly depends on the fan’s operating speed, size of the appliance, capacity of the unit, mode, and the model. When an air purifier is set to run at maximum speed, it produces more noise as compared to low or medium speed modes.

If you are looking for a unit that you can use in your office, bedroom, or any other quiet space, then you should select the quietest unit.

How do I know that my system is working as expected?

If your air purifier is working as expected, then you should be able to breathe easily. Allergic reactions should also reduce if the unit is working properly.

For best results, you should select a suitable air purifier and make sure that it runs continuously. When changing or washing the filters, you will find some trapped particles and dust. This is an indicator that your unit is capturing airborne contaminants.

What is ACH rating and how does it affect the effectiveness of an air purifier?

Air Changes per Hour (ACH) is a measure of the number of air exchanges that a purifier makes in a given space in sixty seconds. For instance, if the system is rated 7, then the unit filters all the air in that room seven times per hour. For effective air cleaning performance, you should select a unit that has a 5 or 6 ACH rating. If you are allergic, then a higher rating will produce better results.

Will a cheap air purifier clean my entire house?

The effectiveness of an air cleaning system depends on many factors including furniture in the house, ventilation, level of contamination, source of pollution, and size of the room. Most cheap air purifiers are unsuitable for large spaces or multiple rooms. In case you would like to use your unit in more than one room, then you should select a portable air purifier. A portable unit allows you to move it from one space to another with ease.

Can I open the windows when the unit is running?

Yes. The system will work well as long as the air coming into your space is free from airborne pollutants. However, if the air from outside has a high concentration of pollutants, then it is not advisable to open the window.