Best Air Purifier

Well, you opted for an air purifier, and you want the best quality / ratio on your system. Well, we have a few recommandations for you.

→ The best air purifiers in October 2017 according to The Air Geeks:

  1. BreatheSmart Flex by Alen (500 to 800 sq. ft.) • ~$400
    (see our test of the Alen - BreatheSmart Flex)
  2. Whispure by Whirlpool (350 to 500 sq. ft.) • ~$300
    (see our test of the Whirlpool - Whispure)
  3. AC5000E by GermGuardian (200 to 350 sq. ft.) • ~$150
    (see our test of the GermGuardian - AC5000E)
  4. AC4825 by GermGuardian (200 sq. ft. and under) • ~$100
    (see our test of the GermGuardian - AC4825)


So what are the best rated home portable air conditioner units? Here is the top 4, detailed, ranked by British Thermal Units (BTU) : follow the geek!

The best air purifiers for 500 to 800 sq. ft. spaces in 2017 (very large spaces)

When you need a very reliable, efficient and smart air purifier, what is the smartest choice? We think we have the answer.

Why? The BreatheSmart has it all figured out : reliable, very efficient, quiet and stylish. It combines impressive features and smart sensors to purify the air in your house or apartment. Buy it for life.

Our rating :  ★★★★½ 

→ Buy now : BreatheSmart Flex by Alen on (free shipping)


The best air purifiers for 350 to 500 sq. ft. spaces in 2017 (large spaces)

Large spaces need very good purifiers that will process a significant amount of air while still being quiet enough to accomodate the presence of users, working or playing.

Why? A long-time favorite and best-seller on the home market, the Whispure is an efficient and sturdy system that will not let you down. Well-deserved hype for the Whirlpool unit!

Our rating :  ★★★★½ 

→ Buy now : Whispure by Whirlpool on (free shipping)


The best air purifiers for 200 to 350 sq. ft. spaces in 2017 (medium spaces)

Under 350 sq. ft., we are talking rooms and small apartments. Criteria of best air purifiers change : silence and filtration mechanisms (as rooms are smaller and particles are more densely spread) come into light. What is the best air purifier?

Why? Winix builds very interesting purifiers, on the edge of value and quality. The Plasmawave deserves praise for efficiency as well as silence.

Our rating :  ★★★★☆ 

→ Buy now : AC5000E by GermGuardian on (free shipping)


The best air purifiers for 200 sq. ft. spaces and under in 2017 (small spaces)

Small spaces (200 sq. ft. or less) require silence (air is purified in offices, living rooms, children’s bedrooms…) and of course efficiency, at the right price. Here is what we recommend if that’s what you are looking for too.

Why? At the Air Geeks, we love GermGuardian’s units : very affordable, efficient, they are the perfect value-for-money systems for small spaces. The AC4825 is the best of the breed!

Our rating :  ★★★★½ 

→ Buy now : AC4825 by GermGuardian on (free shipping)