Aprilaire – 600: Humidifier Review

When you pass by a store and see some humidifier on stock or when you visit your friend’s house and find one, you may find yourself wondering whether you really need that appliance in your house. To answer this, maybe it is important to explain when and under what conditions a humidifier may be of use.

When the weather turns cold, rather than the need for something to heat up your room, having the right humidity level is much important. Once the humidity is too low, you may find you or other members of your family having some issues such dry skin, increased frequency of cold, sinus congestion getting worse, snoring issues, frequent headaches, and even loss of concentration.

Identification of these signs may be suggesting something and that thing could be the need for a humidifier. Aprilaire 600 humidifier is one of them, and here are more details about it.

Description of the 600 by Aprilaire

The Aprilaire 600 humidifier is a perfect gadget to keep your indoor humidity level at an ideal level during winter. This particular humidifier has the capacity to disperse a capacity of 17 gallons of water in a single day covering a large area of up to 4000 square feet.

This makes it perfect for large homes, medium-sized homes, or better still smaller homes which are loosely sealed and covering an area of about 1500 square feet. It works perfectly well with other appliances including the fans and the heating systems.

It can be used to humidify the whole house ensuring that the people, pets, and plants get the adequate humidity level, thus overcoming any health complications related to low humidity levels.

The Aprilaire 600 humidifier uses a natural evaporation process once connected to a power source. The distribution tray of the humidifier situated at its top emits the moisture into the dry air, humidifying it, and then having it distributed evenly all over the house via the HVAC system connected to it and the blower.

This model is fitted with an automatic digital humidity controller, in which you can set the preferred humidity level once and forget it without any worry for it will maintain it automatically. Instructions on how to adjust, set, or reset your humidity are available in the Aprilaire 600 humidifier user manual, ensuring that you have an ease of operation.

Additionally, this humidifier has a permanent memory which stores time and date, and any programmed settings even after a power outage. It also has a copy function which enables users to make quick programming for a number of days while still allowing separate programming for every day. When the humidity level is set right, the air inside the house feels warmer thus no need for an extra heating system during winter.

The Aprilaire 600 humidifier has a built-in damper.Β  This reduces the number of parts that need to be installed. It also has a low maintenance cost which can comfortably be done once a year. It also has a programmable fan, a saddle valve which is self-pierces, and an outdoor sensor.

However, it is advisable to get professional help, from a reliable HVAC technician during the installation of the Aprilaire 600 humidifier to ensure it is installed and correctly, and it’s operating correctly.

Technical Specs

Type of HumidificationCool Mist Evaporative
Type of MistCool
Room Coverage4,000sq. ft.
Tank Capacity17 gallons
Humidification Performance17 gallons per 24hrs
Water Low IndicatorYes
Automatic Shut-OffYes
Maintenance RemindersYes once a year
Display Dimmer-
Power Supply110V
Weight8.5 pounds
Dimensions15x10x16 inches
Warranty 2yrs
Accessories IncludedHumidifier
Price (in USD)193.33


  • Refilling: It doesn’t require daily refilling since it is simply hooked on the water system
  • Sensor: It has an automatic outdoor sensor
  • Options: It has a blower turn-on option


  • Installation : It requires professional help to install which is an extra cost and it uses too much water

Users' feedback

Users quotes on Amazon.comI wish we had bought this before! We live in the dry desert and humidity is very important in the winters. Previously, we had used a "whole house" console. The whole house, my ear! It barely let out enough humidity for the room where it sat. It was loud, you had to refill the water daily, it was a huge pain to clean, you had to buy pads once a month, and it stunk unless you used harsh chemicals. We hated it. We bought this humidifier on a friend's suggestion and though the installation was intimidating (cutting holes in my ductwork), it was actually quite straightforward and not difficult. "

Users quotes on Amazon.comIt is difficult to install and uses too much water."

Conclusion: 600 by Aprilaire

The Aprilaire 600 humidifier is amazing and perfect for tightly sealed houses, both large and medium-sized. It stands out from many other humidifiers by the fact that once connected to the cold or warm water, there is no need to keep refilling it every now and then.

On the other hand, this humidifier has been said to be a technical one to install and unlike other humidifiers, an HVAC technician may be needed to ensure proper installation. The fact that it uses much water, 17 gallons a day, may not be so good for people living in areas where water is a bit costly.

However, this humidifier functions quite well and is a good fit for entire house humidification that you should always have.

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