Are air purifiers efficient for cigarette smoke? post image

Are air purifiers efficient for cigarette smoke?

If you are a smoker, you already know how non-smokers react to cigarette smell and the harmful effects that the smoke exposes them to.

In an enclosed space, the smoke and the smell can stay for long and it can make members of your family feel uncomfortable. To avoid the harmful effects of cigarette smoke, health experts recommend that you should stop smoking… But what’s the next best opportunity, for you and your loved ones?

Effectiveness of air purifiers in capturing cigarette smoke

An air purifier captures a wide variety of airborne contaminants such as smoke, pollen, allergens, pet dander, dust, and so on. Although air purifiers can reduce cigarette smoke, it is important to note that they remove only a fraction of it.

A stylish and compact option

A stylish and compact option

Studies have shown that air cleaners are not 100% effective. Tobacco smoke contains gaseous pollutants and most air purifiers are not optimized to remove them. In addition, the small size of these gaseous contaminants allows them to settle on furniture, curtains, electronics, carpets, beddings, and so on making it difficult for air purifiers to capture them.

People who live with smokers have higher chances of developing coronary heart problems as compared to those who don’t live with smokers. Research further shows that cigarette smoke can worsen the health conditions for people who are asthmatic and those that are allergic. Considering that cigarette smoke can adversely affect the health of non-smokers, you should get an air purifier for cigarette smoke if you are a smoker or if you live with one.

A high quality air purifier can remove a significant amount of tobacco smoke and make the air cleaner for non-smokers. If you are looking for a suitable air purifier, you should go for a filtration-type unit because its air cleaning mechanism is highly effective.

A clean air is a nice plus!

The HEPA filter that is found in most filtration-type air cleaners is capable of removing airborne contaminants that are as small as 0.3 microns. Furthermore, most HEPA filters are capable of capturing up to 99.97 of airborne contaminants. Considering that gaseous pollutants from tobacco smoke are small in size, an air purifier that employs HEPA filtration should be your first option.

Most air purifiers that use HEPA technology feature an activated carbon filter. This filter removes a wide variety of odors including those from cigarettes. Although some people prefer ionization-type air purifiers because of their quietness, it is important to note that they generate ozone.

Ozone is a lung irritant and you should avoid appliances that produce it!

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