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Three tips for your air conditioning maintenance

Owning a portable air conditioner is a great, since not only do they do an efficient job but they’re also economical. Indeed, mobile air conditioning can quickly cool the air in a room when the atmosphere becomes stuffy in summer.

However, air conditioning maintenance is a mystery for most customers. To make sure that the unit lasts well over time, you must maintain it properly and we are going to give you three tips to help you care with your portable air maintenance.

Turn your air conditioner off first

It is easy to clean mobile AC units, just wipe them with a dry cloth made of natural fibers to remove dust. A dust-free device can pull in warm air and blow out the cold air.

However, before handling your unit, make sure that you turn it off, because even if the risk of having an accident is low, it’s important to take precautions. Once it is off, you can clean its filters. We found a nice video to show you the step-by-step air conditioning maintenance guide.

It’s important to clean the filters because they capture dust particles from the air. Also, if you want your mobile AC to last over time; do this every two weeks with your vacuum cleaner and water.

Find the best places to put it

Finding the right location for the mobile air conditioner is part of its maintenance. If you place your mobile air conditioner in a place that is too humid, its dehumidification capacity may be exceeded, limiting its efficiency. The mobile air conditioner should be placed near a window to enable the evacuation of condensation.

By finding the best location for your mobile air conditioner, you will enjoy the best cooling effect it can provide.

Call for professional air conditioning cleaning

Once every two years, and even if you do not use your mobile air conditioner during the summer, if it’s a non-reversible model, of course, we recommend get the machine deep cleaned by a professional.

Cleaning the filters, a good place to start.

Cleaning the filters, a good place to start.

This is because these devices contain liquid refrigerant that must be handled with care. A professional can quickly and efficiently clean the device’s internal workings. They will also be able to take this opportunity to de-scale the unit.

The best solution is to call in a professional to service your mobile air conditioner, a few days before you plan to use it. With some basic knowledge, you can even carry out this annual service yourself.

In addition, take particular care when moving your mobile air conditioner around the home, as brisk movements can shake up the cooling liquid, causing it to give off a toxic gas that is very harmful if inhaled.

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